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Our company offers a wide range of products necessary for irrigation systems construction. We sell various kinds of materials such as water supply connections and other products indispensable for irrigation. We are the only import trader in Poland of the Japanese irrigation system SUMISANSUI in Poland.

SUMISANSUI is a new Japanese irrigation system based on the technology of  making small holes of inside diameter from 0,15mm to 0,3mm. These holes are made with a laser beam and optical system.
The conventional method of perforation of hoses results in obtaining an inside diameter of 0,6mm. That hole causes too big outflow of water and makes uniform irrigation impossible. Big holes can also cause rapid growth of algae.

Characteristic features of the SUMISANSUI system:
This irrigation system resembles rain and thanks to that it can be used in agriculture and under covers.
It consists of lightweight pipes made with a special LLDPE coating which guarantees the highest resistance.
SUMISANSUI  irrigates with low water pressure (from 0,1kg / cm2 to2,0 kg / cm2 max.) which makes the system economical.
Because of its unusual delicacy of irrigation the SUMISANSUI system is particularly recommended in time of seeding and replanting.  
Irrigation with the SUMISANSUI system guarantees that we never damage plants or soil structure.
Possibility of self-assembly and operating. The hose connects directly to PE water-main pipes  (inside diameter 20,25,32,40). It is also possible to stop the water inlet at any part of the hose by using flow blockage.

Made in Japan

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