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inż. Zdzisław Fiszer

87-300 Brodnica
ul. Sikorskiego 60a
NIP: 874-000-12-94
e-mail: fiszer@adf.pl

tel. 48 56 4983321
tel. 48 56 4984408
fax. 48 56 4983321
(wew. 12)
FISZER Company works on two main levels: trade and services. The profile of our services consists of: construction of water grids, sanitary systems, sewage systems, water treatment plants, hydrophores  and sewage-treatment plants. We sell such products as: pipes, cast iron, PVC pipe fittings, onsite wastewater treatment systems, PE pipes, steel pipes, OC pipes, concrete circles, ecological fuel etc.


- construction of water-pipe networks and sewage systems (sanitary, rain water)
- construction of water treatment plants
- construction of sewage-treatment plants and onsite wastewater treatment systems
- drainage of arable lands
- ramming under obstacles (railway tracks, road) using a steel tube with a diameter from 100 mm to 500 mm
- land melioration services
- earth-moving plant services ( loader-excavator, dump truck, bulldozer )
- construction of irrigation systems – sprinkling machines


- concrete circles
- sewer pipes and water pipes
- cast iron fittings
- home treatments, septic tanks
- Dehydration
- stoneware pipes
- expansion joints
- sewer wells
- connectors
- drainage pipes
- hydroseparator
- fuel


Our company’s mission is to present and promote only environmentally friendly products and services. You are most welcome to read about our offer.

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